Replacement or optional parts exclusively for all EVEREST Shoulder Rests. Need extra height on your everest shoulder rest?  Just order the extra-long Everest grippers/legs.

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Replacement Parts and Pouch


Evereset Violin Shoulder Rest Clip-on Pouch, velvet black, ...

Sales price: $5.99


Single EVEREST Standard Gripper, NOT a pair, order two if ...

Sales price: $5.49

FL-4A (2)

PAIR of EVEREST Standard Grippers, wear-resistant material, ...

Sales price: $10.98


Single EVEREST Extra-Long Gripper, , NOT a pair, order two ...

Sales price: $5.49

FL-4X (2)

PAIR of EVEREST Extra-Long Grippers, wear-resistant ...

Sales price: $10.98
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