Everest Shoulder Rest Reviews

Everest Shoulder Rest Customer Reviews

These are some of the reviews we've gathered from the internet and emails for our EVEREST violin shoulder rests and viola shoulder rests. Posted here for your quick reference.


From chris Michaelides
Posted on June 6, 2007 at 03:01 AM on www.violinist.com

I purchased an Everest several months ago, and I must say that it ended a long and expensive search for the "perfect fit." In terms of comfort, support, design, and quality of materials, I find that it is far superior to other products--and, of course, much less expensive. The closest thing to it would be the Kun Super Rest, but the Everest is just a hair wider with more of an ergonomic tilt and a much more substantial and comfortable pad (the harder, thinner Kun pad occasionally caused some minor irritation on my shoulder). It's almost as light as the Kun but is very solid and strong, unlike the rather rickety cheap plastic feel of so many expensive (why?) rests. For me, the Everest fits like NO OTHER rest, and it's really helped me to eliminate some tension that I think came from muscular "compensation" for less than ideal shoulder rest support. That in turn has allowed me to further develop my technique. I really think that as more people try this out it will become almost standard issue for violinists. It's that good--just a wonderful product.

From Kristin Mortenson
Posted on December 7, 2007 at 01:24 AM on www.violinist.com

I hesitate to comment since I recently edited a wonderful ASTA article by Lynne Denig about chinrest height vs. shoulder rests, but what the heck... The Everest is similar to both the Viva and the Kun, but the sponge-y part is a bit thicker and a little wider. The general shape of the rest is like a Kun. My daughter, who has very wide, bony shoulders, finds it more comfortable than either the Kun, which is a little narrow, and the Viva, which is wider than the Kun but a bit flimsy. (We've had the plastic screws on the Viva break and had to rig it up with wing nuts--very fetching.) The price on the Everest can't be beat!


A shoulder rest that fits well and is comfortable is key to playing without tension. While many students are pleased with their Kun shoulder rests (which seem to fit the widest range of violinists of any shoulder rests on the market), still there is a subset of students that are uncomfortable with this rest and with the bulk of the popular alternatives.

I think I may possibly own or have tried almost every shoulder rest on the market. Blessed (or cursed) with a long neck, I need not only height but also a good, well-conforming shape for my shoulder rest plus a thick padding for added comfort and malleability. The Everest shoulder rest has very thick padding, feels well-constructed, fits the violin well without falling off, and is actually a good buy compared to comparable rests such as the Kun, Viva, or Mach One.

Several of my students prefer the Everest. Typically, these students have long necks and have not been satisfied by other rests that they have tried. Although the 4/4 model is excellent, I have noticed that the smaller sizes seem excessively high for many younger students. That being said, some of the youngest students report that the thick padding of the Everest is quite comfortable and creates less chafing at the level of the neck and collarbone.

All things considered, this rest is built like a tank and costs only about $15 (or about $25 for the collapsible version).

If you have had problems finding a comfortable shoulder rest, this is certainly a good option to consider.

Lisa Ann Berman, M.M.
Masters of Music in Violin Performance, Yale School of Music http://www.simplyviolin.com


Travis Middle School
Orchestra Handbook

Mr. Dominic Powell, Director

Supplies for Orchestra

It is necessary for students to have the following equipment with them daily.  Items can be purchased directly from a local music store or over the internet with a reputable string instrument supply company.....A shoulder rest is needed for all violin/viola students.  KUN or Everest are recommended......



From  Murray Gould
emailed on Friday, October 16, 2009 7:34 PM
I recently purchased 6 different brands of shoulder rest to try out.   I was immediately attracted to the Kuhn – but at the last moment I decided to try the Everest as well, though it looked like nothing special to me.   I was astonished to find that my fiddle sounded a great deal better, for some unknown reason.   Looking further, I noticed that the Everest grips the ribs substantially, which is fine, since the ribs don’t vibrate enough to affect the sound at all.   However, I also noticed that the “platform” part of the Everest grip touches the underside of the violin only at the very edge – most of the platform is angled away from the belly of the fiddle, allowing the lower plate to vibrate freely all the way to the glue joints.   What a brilliant and wonderful idea!......If you have a superior product, you should let people know.

Best of luck, and thank you for your fine product. .....



email received on Monday, October 26, 2009 10:53 AM

I just wanted to let you know that the shoulder rest arrived safe and sound and I love it.......in a week and a half of use it only came off once (then did not fall, just one side started to unhook) and that was because I had a very tense moment and attempted to crush the viola between my shoulder and chin (just joking, but I would guess you know what I mean).
It is very comfortable and I really like it.  I am sharing it with everyone and hopefully more people will be interested.

Thank you so much, Deborah Vitek  (Canada)



email received on Thursday, November 26, 2009 12:16 PM

I’m finally getting back to you to let you know that I received the shoulder rest the next day and was actually able to use it for all of my symphony rehearsals and performances.  I had no trouble adjusting and it was such a pleasure not to have it fall off at any point during that time.  Thank you very much J



email received on Sunday Feb 21 20:43

Hi, my name is Kevin Suzuki and I bought a Everest shoulder rest from the San Francisco Convention (I think he meant ASTA Convention in Santa Clara) and I have just used it for 4 hours and I have to say it is the best and most comfortable shoulder rest I have ever used. I love the color, the size, the cushion and the price. Thank you for selling me this best light blue shoulder rest. Thank you very much, it is not hurting my shoulder rest unlike all the other ones and I am pleased with the color as well. Thank you

Kevin Suzuki, customer


email received on in March, 2012

Thank you!  I haven’t played in years due to a spine injury (cervical) and two cervical spine surgeries.  With the shoulder rest, I hope to be able to play once again!
Please let me know how the shoulder rest works for you.  I would be very happy if the shoulder rest I've designed can really help in your case.

I tried it out today and I think it will work fine.
What I like about it is that it doesn’t “give” like another one I tried.  I like the stiffness of it.  That helps because my neck can no longer look downward even slightly.  This way, I can start playing again as my neck can stay stable!

Yes, the shoulder rest is designed to evenly distributes the pressure to the whole pad surface. Thus making it very firm and stable, yet comfortable.  I am glad it worked well for you.

Thanks David.  It’s also better than another firm one I tried, which fell off all the time.  The flexible one was too flexible, the other firm one didn’t stay on.  This one was just right!
So you have a happy review for it from this customer!